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About Us

Candy Brown, Founder, Calico Dragon

When I decided to start this little bag line, I had one goal in mind — start a company that would benefit animals, pure and simple. While I have always donated to various charities over the years, I wanted to do more. Not only be able to give more in donations, but also help spread messages about the abuse animals go through in circuses, the plight of animals in labs and factory farms, the horrors within the fur industry, and more. During this same time I was seeking a CRUELTY FREE handbag and they were not easy to find. So I got this crazy idea to make my own bag, and voila, Calico Dragon was born. Now we can benefit animals financially, and as a result of the message each purse reflects, we can benefit them indirectly as well.

Maybe one person won’t buy that new fur coat because she read someone’s purse, and it made her really think about that fur and where it came from. Maybe a handful of people will boycott the circus when it comes through town, simply because they walked past our Elephant purse in a local boutique.

On another note, our first order was produced by Anne Chenn, who started her own home based business in China, and as a result, she was able to escape her abusive husband. With the Calico Dragon line, Anne and other single mothers in China are able to support themselves and their children in China.Our last order was produced by Lily Zhou, who is also a single mother in China. For those concerned with the fact these bags are made in China, please click here to read the history and reasoning behind this decision.

Stephen Potter is responsible for this “China” connection, and to his credit, he has now helped six women start up their own home based production businesses, with various lines like ours. When we say, “Warm fuzzy included with each purchase,” we really mean it!

Our bags are completely vegan and constructed from upcycled materials. Since we order such a small number of bags, the fabric used to make our bags is purchased from factories out of their “scrap” material, which would otherwise end up in a landfill. Heavy duty construction along with a bold message presented in an artistic fashion make these bags truly unique!

One Very Bold Fashion Statement. One Really Big Mission. Save the Animals.

We donate a portion of our profits to designated animal charities.

Below is a list of charities that we currently support through sales of our handbags. We can also create handbags with custom designs for your charitable organization. Please call or email for details.

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