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One Very Bold Fashion Statement. One Really Big Mission.
Save the Animals.



Cross Body Bags & Backpacks

Selecting Vegan Cross Body Bags makes a fashion statement and a lifestyle statement! You’re going out shopping or to an event where you need your hands free, but you still have a few things that you have to carry with you. This is a perfect time for the cross body bag. With its longer strap, up to 24″, you can put it over one shoulder and under your other arm, so that it’s secure and you don’t have to worry about hanging on to it.

A cross body bag is more about practicality than style, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style in order to have practicality. You can also make sure you’re cruelty free as well as helping to spread the word with these beautifully designed cruelty free or vegan free cross body bags. Show your support for all marine life in captivity. Remind people to avoid overpopulation by having their pets spayed or neutered. Let everyone know you’re proud to be part of the conversation about animal rights simply by choosing a cruelty free cross body bag or a vegan free cross body bag.


One Very Bold Fashion Statement. One Really Big Mission. Save the Animals
We donate a portion of our profits to designated animal charities.

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