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One Very Bold Fashion Statement. One Really Big Mission.
Save the Animals.


Why Cruelty Free Vegan Handbags?

When most people shop for bags and purses, usually the first thing they look for is style and color. Even to many who consider themselves an animal lover, real leather is preferable to man-made materials.  But just a small amount of research into the cruelty and inhumane treatment that goes into using animal products like leather in their construction is enough to make you think again, and to decide to look for cruelty free products instead.  If it features leather shoulder straps or even leather detailing, keep shopping.  We appreciate that you have invested the additional time to come here to select a fashionable bag that is attractive and cruelty free.

Cruelty free vegan handbags  are getting to be more fashionable than ever before. No matter if your personal style could be described as athletic or contemporary, elegant or romantic, retro or traditional, you can easily discover a cruelty free bag that will match your style.  Using one of these stylish, lightweight bags is yet one more reason for you to feel good about helping animals.

When you select a Calico Dragon cruelty free handbag or vegan handbag, not only are you getting a bag that’s made from no animal products, you’re also helping to spread the word. The cruelty free message is displayed in a beautiful, colorful, eye-catching design, so that everyone who sees it will hopefully stop to think about what they can do to help.  Pick one out and make a statement!

One Very Bold Fashion Statement. One Really Big Mission. Save the Animals
We donate a portion of our profits to designated animal charities.

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